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The Family Self Sufficiency Program is designed to help our Section 8 families to obtain economic independence and achieve self-sufficiency.

The great thing about this program is that the Housing Authority establishes and maintains a SAVINGS ACCOUNT for the family. Once the family is on the FSS Program and receives an increase in earned income that causes the family’s rent to increase, SIRHA will make a monthly deposit of the amount of the rent increase into the family’s FSS savings account. This interest bearing account is held for the family by SIRHA. After successful completion of the FSS Program, the family is eligible to receive the funds in their account.

The FSS Program is a great program for families who want to improve their quality of life and gain economic independence. In addition to providing the savings account, SIRHA’s FSS Coordinator will work with the families and local agencies to provide any supportive services that may assist the family in achieving their goals for self sufficiency.


  • To comply with the terms of the lease, program regulations and family responsibilities. (This includes all family members.)
  • The head of household must execute an individual training and services plan, which will include goals that the family sets for themselves in order to become self-sufficient.
  • The head of the household must gain and maintain full-time employment before the end of the contract.
  • The head of household must become independent from cash welfare assistance for at least 12 consecutive months before the end of the contract.
  • The head of household must maintain contact with the FSS Coordinator on at least a quarterly basis via e-mail, phone or in person.


  1. Assist the head of household in setting up their individual training and services plan (goals).
  2. Provide supportive services to the family or make referrals to area agencies that provide needed services.
  3. Establish and maintain an escrow account for the family as well as provide information to the family regarding the account balance once a year.
  4. Determine if the family has completed the contract of participation.

For more information regarding the FSS Program, please review our brochure.

Who to contact

Billie Jo Greenwalt – FSS Coordinator
641-782-8585 ext. 1025 or

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